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100% Pure Water


AllSeasons are now offering our 100% Pure Water Window Cleaning service

We clean The Whole Window  not just the glass. 


Reasons to choose 


Simple Payment Options

Pay on-line or sign up for payments to be collected automatically

no shortcuts

We clean the Glass, Frames, Sills and Doors on every visit

Trustworthy & Fully Insured

All our staff are Garda Vetted and fully insured

We turn up when we say we will

Prices from €20 every 8 weeks

Initial cleaning and one off cleaning will cost more

as it will take twice the amount of time.

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How We get the job done



Window Cleaning is more than just cleaning glass. That is why we clean the window surrounds of all spider webs, eggs and the grime that sticks to them. We also give the frames and sills a good scrubbing with our specially designed brushes to remove ingrained dirt and grime that has built up over time.

After the first clean of your windows they will stay looking their best if regular cleaning is kept up at least every 8 weeks.

initial/first clean​​

First cleans normally take us 2-3 times as long as a regular maintenance clean. These are the steps we follow to ensure we get the job done correctly the first time and to allow us to keep the windows and door looking great for longer. Spending this extra time on the first clean allows us to spend less time on future cleans and thus charge a reduced rate on follow up regular cleans.

step 1

We arrive at your home or business and assess what chemicals and application methods we will need to use. These can include, Bio-Degradable De-greaser, Bronze Wool, Blade Scrapers (Glass Safe), different style brushes for our Pure Water Fed Pole system and cloths for cleaning up sills and walls.

step 2

We will soak the entire window or door in water. We then add our specially formulated De-greaser to the entire window or door (glass and frames) and agitate it with our brushes. We let this sit for a number of minutes and then thoroughly rinse the window with water, removing most of the suds.

step 3

We now use our special water fed pole brushes to scrub the window or door from top to bottom with 100% Pure Water, removing ingrained dirt. Once this is done the window or door gets a final rinse with 100% Pure Water and once dried will leave a spotless finish on the glass and frames. Finally, we wipe the sills of debris and for higher windows we can not reach we use our brushes and pole to sweep the sill clear.

Regular/maintenance cleans​​

Once your windows and doors have been given a thorough first clean, the task of keeping them clean becomes a lot less time consuming and as a result cost you less. Here are the steps we follow:

step 1

We do not normally need to use any De-Greaser on maintenance cleans, if it is required we will of course apply it to the areas in need. We may need to use Bronze Wool for things such as bird muck.

step 2

We will soak the entire window or door in water. 

step 3

We now use our special water fed pole brushes to scrub the window or door from top to bottom with 100% Pure Water, removing ingrained dirt. Once this is done the window or door gets a final rinse with 100% Pure Water and once dried will leave a spotless finish on the glass and frames. Finally, we wipe the sills of debris and for higher windows we can not reach we use our brushes and pole to sweep the sill clear.

payment options​​

We offer 3 different payment options:



This is our preferred option. It is the simplest and safest choice.

Trusted by over 30,000 businesses - big and small including Virgin, BBC, CNN and many more.

you are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee. You will not be charged unless the work is completed.

GoCardless do a much better job of explaining the benefits that we ever could, please see their link here: https://gocardless.com/guides/moving-customers-to-direct-debit/explaining-gocardless-to-customers/


Stripe powers the payment processing of some of the worlds biggest companies from Amazon to Google. Paying for your window cleaning is as easy as buying something on Amazon.


We also accept cash payments. This is our least preferred payment method as it adds administration time as well as being more work for you as a customer, having to remember to leave the money out in a safe place each time we call. There is also a risk associated with leaving cash in an unsecured location and for our staff to carry the cash throughout the day.

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100% Pure Water explained


Water is made up of a single atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen. That’s why it’s called H2O. These atoms exist as two charged ions in water. Hydrogen is a positively charged ion; the other Hydrogen ion is connected to the Oxygen ion to form a negatively charged hydroxide-ion.

The purification process for window cleaning removes all mineral and particulate impurities from the water allowing it to evaporate without leaving any trace deposits behind. No squeegees or other drying methods are needed for this spot free result.

Pure water is a very effective organic solvent. On a molecular level, water is great at absorbing dirt. As it fights to return to its naturally occurring impure state, water will absorb dirt. Rinse that dirty water away with a layer of pure water, let it evaporate and you have a spot free window!

Pure water without detergent is a very effective cleaning agent. It will remove nearly all organic, aqueous (water-based) and other ionic contaminants and other things such as dirt, grit and some types of grease.

We use water that is filtered through mixed-bed deionization (DI) and reverse osmosis (RO). This Pure Water does not contain any ions, so it is a very effective rinse agent, leaving spot free results after evaporation. Pure Water provides an excellent vehicle for the activation, suspension and ultimate release of soils from surfaces and leaves minimal chance of re-depositing soils on surfaces.

To deliver the water to the building it is pumped up through a telescopic pole with a tube inside the pole. At the end of the pole is a brush that has jet nozzles embedded in it. The water is applied onto the surface through the jets, the soils are agitated by the scrubbing of the brush and the soils are then suspended in the water, ready to be rinsed away by the constant stream(s) of pure water. The safety & efficiency of this type of cleaning is not readily matched by any other means.

In many cases the results of pure water cleaning will exceed that of traditional methods, and the lack of need for detergents is a greener option. Many detergents can leave a microscopic film behind, which can actually attract dirt to the surface, leading to faster re-soiling. As there is no residue or static left after pure water cleaning, many times surfaces cleaned with pure water methods remain cleaner for longer periods of time.

window cleaning in inishowen

More information on our exterior window cleaning service

We provide an internal and external window cleaning service across Inishowen. We use a pure-water fed pole system for all our external cleaning of windows, conservatory roofs and velux/skylights.

We are confident that we can reach even the hardest to reach areas of your home which have until not been too dangerous or impossible to access.

Bay or sash, small or big windows, they will be all washed to perfection. In addition, all PVC sills and frames will be cleaned as part of the service.

Wherever it is performed, this service is minimally disruptive and respects your privacy:

  • We use a water-fed pole which is more efficient than any traditional method;

  • Washing is done with purified water only which guarantees no signs of mineral deposits or streaks

  • All staff are insured and locally based

  • Entirely eco-friendly procedure

  • Minimum risk of property damages as no ladders are used, we clean from the ground up;

  • Option for pick-up and delivery of keys



We can also provide Cladding, Fascia and Gutter cleaning.

Best results

Due to the nature of window cleaning with the water fed pole, we advise customers that the best results come after the first two or three cleans.  During the first clean, we remove a build-up of dirt that may have accumulated over time.  However, although the windows have been well cleaned, small amounts of dirt may continue to trickle down and there may be a few spots afterwards.
Over the next couple of cleans, when done regularly, the window cleaning reaches the best standard.  We therefore recommend allowing two or three cleans to get a full picture of the good results that can be expected.  Tough stains such as bird droppings may take two or three cleans to completely disappear.

We avoid using ladders but sometimes we have to (only ever low ladders) when we clean conservatory roofs or need to access a tight spot that the brush on our pole may struggle to get to. Your cleaner will never be in danger on your property. Your chances of having to make a claim against your insurance for harm to a tradesman are minimised. Ladders also take more time to set up and make safe and require 2 people to function "safely". By not exposing ourselves to the risks and subsequent insurance premiums as well as the time consuming nature of ladders, we are able to pass those cost savings on to you.

no ladders


The cost of our window cleaning service will vary depending upon the size of and number of windows on the building. We pride ourselves on being up front and honest with our customers and as such we do charge more for an initial clean of exterior windows. The reason for this is it takes significantly more time to clean windows that have not been cleaned recently. Even if the windows have been cleaned recently using traditional methods it takes us more time to remove the left over residue from the solutions they will have used. It is these solutions that attract the build up of dirt so quickly.
If you use our services on either 4 or 8 weekly cycles you will pay less after the initial clean.

All Seasons provide Cleaning Services in the following areas:


Inishowen - Clonmany – Ballyliffin - Buncrana – Derry – Greencastle -Redcastle – Carndonagh – Culdaff - Malin Head - Bridge End – Burnfoot – Muff - Quigleys Point - Letterkenny - Moville

We are a professional cleaning company based in Clonmany, Co.Donegal. We have years of experience behind us and believe in always having the right tools for the job. We have invested in the best tools to get your property/premises the cleanest it can be in the fastest time possible. 


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