Ensure your premises are free of coronavirus

Give confidence to your customers

Protect your staff

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COVID-19 Disinfectant fogging service

We now provide a COVID-19 Disinfecting service.

4 reasons to use our Fogging Service:

  1. Kills COVID-19

  2. Protects surfaces for up to 7 days

  3. Full room coverage, ceiling to floor, on top of and under surfaces!

  4. Gives customers and staff an extra layer of protection and confidence

Fogging of a room or area is the best way to ensure all areas are reached.

It allows us to effectively reach areas that would otherwise be impracticable or impossible to do so


The Fog contains a Disinfectant Solution. This is a 5% hydrogen peroxide solution infused with silver ions. The silver additive enhances the microbiological efficacy and also leaves behind an invisible anti-microbial coating that protects surfaces for up to 7 days. It is approved under EN14476 for the deactivation of virus

We use a ULV Fogger to apply the Disinfectant Solution, as used in the HSE and other health services around the world, to effectively disinfect:

  • Hotel rooms

  • Guest rooms

  • AirBNBs

  • Resturants

  • Pubs and bars

  • Nurseries and child care facilities 

If you require more information please contact us.

We have a limited supply of Disinfectant Solution and are operating on a strictly first come first served basis.